#WFH - Working from Home
Given the current World situation and in particularly in the UK (where I am based) it hasn't been possible to go out for photo shoots since late March. Inspired by Alessio Albi and Nathan Chagall I have started doing remote shoots.
You might be asking, how? There are a few options and tools that can be used when doing these. After experimenting a little bit I have stuck to using Zoom and doing screenshots from the video call on my laptop. I then edit those screenshots with Lightroom and Photoshop. Not being able to hold the camera and work different angles is probably the most challenging aspect of shooting remotely. Communication can also be harder when you are not physically in the same space or have the best internet connection. But despite all the challenges it is good to still be able to create and do what I love, even in these strange times.
On this page you can see some of the work I have created remotely.
Hope everyone is well and keeping safe.
Above virtual shoot with Shio
Above virtual shoot with Lydia
​​​​​​​Above virtual shoot with Shio
Above virtual shoot with Astrid
Above virtual shoot with Jessie
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