Please read carefully for more details on working with me :)
The delivered images will be in line with my current body of work as seen in my portfolio but I am open to new concepts and ideas so please let me know what you have in mind.
My rates cover travel time and costs within central London (zone 1). Locations available are limited due to Covid-19 so please ask me for more details prior to booking.
Please note that the payment of the base rate is required when booking to secure your booked slot. Only 50% of this amount will be refunded in the event of a cancellation.
I will send an invoice at the time of booking for that amount and that invoice will be due to be paid immediately as this is the only way of securing your booked slot.
Hair and make up services are currently not available so please feel free to make your own arrangements prior to the start of the shoot.
If you have not secured your booking yet please note that rates are subject to change without prior notice.
On the day I will be carrying a cropped sensor DSLR camera with a super wide lens (10-18mm), a not so wide lens (24mm) and a portrait lens (50mm). Please note that all the images in my portfolio were created using the same tools.
The Shoot
Our shoot will start from the agreed time to meet. When booking please let me know the meeting point, the time and the duration of the shoot.
Rescheduling and cancellations
Sometimes we cannot avoid certain things and I understand if you have to reschedule the shoot. You can do this twice with 48 hours notice at no extra cost. If you are rescheduling with less notice than that or for the third time you will need to pay an additional £30 to book a new shoot slot.
If there is extreme weather on the day and we are planning to shoot outdoors we can agree to reschedule.
In the event of a cancellation without rescheduling please note that 50% of the initial payment is non-refundable. This is to cover the time spent planning the shoot (location scouting, building mood boards and messaging/emailing).
Payment to secure your slot is due when booking. Payment instructions will be sent with the invoice. Please note that your booked slot is only secure upon confirmation of payment.
The remaining amount is due to be paid after you select the photos to be edited.
Please note that I will not start editing your shots before the payment has been completed.
An invoice will be sent and you can pay by card when you receive it. If for any reason you cannot pay by card just let me know and I will try to offer an alternative payment method.
Selection of images to be edited
Images will be made available on Pixieset for you to pick the ones to be edited. These will be watermarked (Please note that their use is not permitted). Once you have made your selection on Pixieset you just need to drop me a quick message.
Delivery and timelines
The watermarked photos will be made available within 3 working days of the shoot. 
The final shots will be delivered digitally within 10 working days of you picking them. This is done via WeTansfer.
Images are always delivered in JPEG format.
All edits include colour grading and retouching in line with my portfolio. 
Image modifications
No changes of any kind are authorised (no filters or other adjustments). Please do contact me if you would like any adjustments to be made to the final edit.
My rates include the rights to use the images in up to three social media platforms and in your blog/website. Any other uses need to be authorised in writing.
Surely it goes without saying but credit is due when sharing the images on any platform. When sharing on Instagram credit is to be given by tagging myself in the photo (@anagalvao_photography) and with a quick mention in the caption.
I might use images that we created together on my social media platforms and on my blog/portfolio. If you do not wish me to use these please just let me know.
Third-party use
This is strictly not authorised unless previously agreed in writing. Publication rights, either online or in paper might require a license. Please contact me for details if and when applicable.
Social media reposts by third-parties are OK if not for commercial purposes and credit must be given by tagging myself on the image and including a mention in the caption. Failure to do so will result in a copyright infringement claim being filed with the respective platform.
Responsibility for the images after the final images have been delivered
The original files for the edited and delivered images will be kept on an external hard drive for a period of 30 days after the shoot date. Please download your copies promptly and keep them safe as you might not be able to retrieve them from myself at a later date.
Final Disclaimer
By requesting my services you are automatically agreeing to these Terms & Conditions.
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