Life is a Party
Published in Bring Me Magazine, Issue 31 Part 2 with Denise Mourato
My Own Palace
Published in Shuba Magazine, Issue 33 Vol.4 with Shionead Jimenez
Back to Basics
Published in Vertiqlè Magazine, February 2020 Vol. 1 with Shionead Jimenez
Swimming Pool
Published in VZSN Magazine, Issue 1 Vol. 3 with Shionead Jimenez
One with the Wind
Published in Horizont Magazine, Issue 7 Vol. 18 with Shionead Jimenez
Published in Picton Magazine, Issue 415 with Shionead Jimenez
A Season to Remember
Published in Poza Magazine, Issue 5 Vol. 1 with Shionead Jimenez
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